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Nutrition is the most important part of your health journey and reaching your ideal weight loss goals. Most people fall into two categories when it comes to food: Those who underestimate the power of their diet and those who have been on a diet for as long as they can remember

Do you work out 7 days a week, feel like your diet is “pretty good” and never see changes in your body? If you aren’t eating the right amount of calories or the proper macros for your body type, your body can easily plateau or even gain weight.  You could also experience health issues that keep you from feeling energized to get through your day, leaving you frustrated and tired.  

On the other side, do you feel like you have always been on a diet, trying the latest and greatest new fad in order to drop a few promised pounds? You remember your mother being on a diet and seems like you followed suit as soon as you were old enough to follow the same program? While diets work initially, the results are fairly short term and very difficult to maintain over time. Studies show that most people regain the weight they lose and then add up to 5-10 pounds each time.  Diets teach you restriction of some type of food or macros which ultimately lowers your calorie intake. Overtime, the lowered caloric intake causes a slowed metabolism and often changes in hormone levels.

Working with a fitness nutrition counselor will help you navigate through the vast amount of information and finally find that diet plan that lasts you for a lifetime. Nutrition counseling can educate and help you understand your body type and dietary requirements in order to create new lifetime habits. Other benefits include improved cholesterol, lower blood pressure, diabetes management and reduced risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.  It’s a win-win!   


I have and will always preach a BALANCED nutrition plan. One that allows you to make good food choices while living a full and enjoyable life.


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