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Jen Miller Fitness Success Story

Meet Regina!

Before And After

In her own words:

“In May 2019, I turned 49 years old and found myself 50 pounds over weight, with 8 bulging discs, 2 impinged nerves, IBS, GERD, a wheat allergy and high functioning anxiety. I met with Jennifer in early June and said, “THIS is not how I want to look, feel or who I want to be.” She suggested I do the Whole 30 diet in order to decrease inflammation in my body and consult with my doctor regarding my back pain. I started physical therapy for 6 weeks and my doctor suggested conservative care first before considering surgery. Jennifer met with me, asked about my goals, worked with my schedule and we got to work. She cares about much more than your overall appearance. She coached me physically, nutritionally and emotionally by suggesting books I should read and counseling me to listen to my body. She taught me that rest and relaxation is also a huge part of a healthy lifestyle.”

90 Days Later…

“90 days later I have lost 26 pounds and 22 inches all over my body. My rosacea has almost disappeared. My energy is stable throughout the day and my mental health has improved. I’m calmer. My cognitive skills have improved and I’m happier. I highly recommend Jennifer Miller if you want to change your lifestyle permanently.  She mapped out the course for me and I put in the work. She modified things for me and she encouraged me to push myself.  She cares! She wants you to be the best version of yourself. This is her purpose in life and her passion is tangible.”

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Jen not only is for the already fit woman that needs to sculpt her athletic build to the next level, she is also for those that are just getting started! She fuels your fire to just BE BETTER! Keep climbing, keep forgiving, and most of all keep GOING! I can not recommend her more! She brings so much knowledge to the experience by combining her love for fitness and her therapist background. Give her a try... you won’t regret it!
Springfield, MO
It's going surprisingly well! I feel significantly less bloated when I'm eating better, and I fee like its a sustainable way of eating.
Springfield, MO
Jen is an amazing, motivating and energetic person. I love her workouts!
Springfield, MO
She has such an amazing, positive energy! She will kick your butt, but you'll smile the whole time and she'll hug you on the way out. Nothing but love for this lady!
Springfield, MO
You will be in good hands with Jen.
Springfield, MO
This girl is on fire and knows her stuff. You will have fun while she is kicking your butt!! Have you seen her arms and abs?!?
Springfield, MO
I have been working out consistently for years, but after several one-on-one sessions with Jen, including help with my nutrition, I was able to finally get to the other side of my weight loss plateau. I am so grateful for my new knowledge and look forward to continuing this journey!
Springfield, MO
Jen is an amazing, motivating, and energetic person. I love her workouts!
Springfield, MO